Friday, February 5, 2010

Wikipedia: Online Encyclopedia

Times have changed, technology growth sophisticated rapidly and our lives became easier. Again, this is a change due to technological sophistication. A thousand years ago, who could imagine we could sit in front of the laptop, enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning while reading the news online, while reading thousands of scientific articles on our mini laptop screen? Yeah! It seems impossible that it could happen!

But it was a kind we can do today. Now we can easily read thousands of science articles with a variety of genres, with a variety of sources, either paid or free. Wikipedia is one of free online encyclopedia. With Wikipedia, we can easily find what we seek. Open the laptop, type what we want to find and enjoy the article. But remember, make sure your laptop connected to the internet! LOL! ^^

Wikipedia now become a new trend in seeking the latest knowledge! Happy surfing and enjoy the paradise of knowledge. Make yourself smarter with Wikipedia! Happy reading! :)

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