Sunday, January 24, 2010

Payment System in Our Online Book Store

Do you ever read my posting before about "Making Online Store"? Or do you already have Online Store? Online Book Store may be? Great! This is our opportunity in the technology era to expand our business online.

If you already have Online Book Store, and have a plan to make it operated globally, go head! Why not? It's possible to do in this era. Don't worry about the payment system, because (as the article "Selling internationally using PayPal as your payment system") we can use Paypal account to receive from international buyers and automatically convert to our desired currency. To know more about paypal you can read the article on Wikipedia.

But in making online book store and operated it globally, you have to also consider about the competitors. And to know more about strength and weakness our business, either our competitors. I recommended you to run shopping survey, as the point are finding more about:
  1. Product and service quality;
  2. Facility quality in various aspect;
  3. Personnel courtesy;
  4. Personnel efficiency;
  5. Personnel service
  6. Personnel promotion of selected brands, items, features, benefits;
  7. Items stocked, offered, on display;
  8. Prices. (I thought 'Cost', in my term)
And for this case you can find more in the small business web directory. Good luck for your online business! :)

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