Sunday, February 8, 2009

Making Online Book Store

It’s the digital live that possible to trade online. We have chance to earn more money on its era. One of them is by making Online Store. Do you have any plan to make an Online Book Store? Promote your product, or just having a personal site to express yourself? Don’t worry! It’s easy to realize your dream now. You will be a manager in own business which is managed online by yourself. You just need a bit of knowledge about webhosting, domain name, and SEO to growth your online business up.

Ok! First thing that have to be focus on build the site is about domain name and webhosting. Choose the unique domain name and the right webhosting. There will be influence on your site performance which is built by you. The unique domain name is the name of site that easy to remind, to spell, and to be written on. Avoid to choose the difficult long domain name, just a simple name you have to. For example: recommended than But domain name depend on you. I believe you have the greatest idea to make its unique.

How about the webhosting? Well, just rethinking about how the capacity of storage you need and traffic site also. Because both of them influence on performance site. To learn and find more, I recommend you to read more here. Learn, try and be fun to make Online Book Store! :)

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