Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Let's build our network with Acobay!

Acobay is a brand new and unique social network site. I found out this growing Social Community Networking site by recommended my friend. Just like others community, you can stay connected with your friends.

At Acobay, people share their hobbies and get connected with each other by their interest such as movies they love, books they read, pets they have, and so on. Then people who have the same in interest can interact and give personalized recommendation each one and the other.

I like very much about the community that talk more about Books, Book Networking. It’s really nice and amazing can share more about book there. There are a lot of people [which is nerd of course] join at Book Networking.

Not only that, Acobay give me more choice. I can promote my own blog by sharing at Acobay. So my traffic here being increase with Acobay. Because more stuff I share, the more people I connect and the better Acobay works for me! Thanks Acobay!

Come! Let’s us build our network together. Hope to see you soon! And don’t forget to add me as your friends. My ID is delshadi. Bubye!

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